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Robot Arm brings Astronomical Gains to Hemlock Engineering

MD Paul Cobb, recently welcomed Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTD CNC to Hemlock to explain how robotic loading and unloading has resulted in a five-fold increase in the production output of it's latest 5-axis Brother Speedio machining centre, compared with manually-loaded machines on site.

The productive capacity of this machine has gone through the just goes and goes and goes 24 hours a day, without anyone on it! Paul Cobb - Managing Director

The huge gain in productivity is a remarkable achievement given the small to medium batch sizes involved. In this video Paul discusses the astronomical gains Hemlock has seen from it's latest investment:

  • Substantial five-fold increase in production hours per week

  • Considerable reduction in operator attendance time

  • Easy-to-use software for rapid cell changeover

The benefits of this production solution have been so conclusive, that Paul has placed an order for a second identical cell, which is due for delivery in December 2022.

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Robot Interview
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