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Speedio 5-axis CNC milling machine and robot loading arm

Using the latest multi-tasking 5-axis machines equipped with robotic loading for cost effective manufacturing.


What is CNC Milling?

CNC is short for 'Computer Numerical Control' and refers to the technology which allows us to connect high-tech computer design technology to a traditional milling machine.  The process of milling refers to the use of rotating cutting tools to remove material from the stationary, clamped workpiece to create the finished component.  This is sometimes called 'subtraction machining'.

Hemlock have a number of different CNC milling machines, each with unique tooling features which can be programmed to cut complex shapes to precision, cost effectively, over and over again.

Automated Robotic Loading CNC Milling

Hemlock has recently invested in two Brother Speedio M200X3 5-axis vertical-spindle machining centres, both equipped with ABB Feedio Robotic Loading Systems.  Automated conveyor loading of raw billets and unloading of finished components, has significantly reduced operator intervention in the manufacturing process increasing productivity five-fold, making us even more price competitive on relatively small batch sizes as well as larger production runs.  Specialist software enables the robot arm, camera vision and conveyor system to co-ordinate the loading and unloading of the Speedio machining centres 24 hours a day for 'lights-out' cost-effective and efficient production. 

Speedio 5-axis CNC milling machines with robot arms

Continual Investment in the Latest Automation Technology

Our high-speed 5-axis Speedios can machine components requiring milling and turning in a single cycle, reducing handling time between machines with the added benefit of improved accuracy due to one-time chucking of the workpiece.  Each cell's enhanced efficiency and output has transformed our ability to deliver a rapid, cost effective CNC milling service to our clients.

  • Robotic Automation for Competitive Pricing

  • Continual Investment in the Latest Technology

  • 5-Axis Machining Capability

  • Expertise in the Machining of Complex Components

  • ISO 9001:2015 Accredited

  • Medium and High Volume Production Runs

  • Milling and Turning Capability for One-hit Production

  • Lights-out Production for Reduced Component Cost

  • In-cycle De-burring of Hard to Reach Areas for Quality and Precision Finish

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