Hemlock offer a very wide range of machining services. We aim to provide a complete machining service for any type of component and specialise is project managing the entire component supply chain which might include machining, anodising or plating and stockholding for call off/kanban.

CNC Milling


Most of our 3 axis milling machines are geared up with 4th axis units and/or multi vice workholding systems which enable us to clamp up to 8 components in a single operation. This means that cycle time is extended. This gives time for the operator to do other work within cycle - such as inspection - and also reduces the number of overall operations.

We have around 20 CNC milling machines of various types operating on a twin shift system.

5-axis Milling


We currently have three Hermle 5-axis milling machines and one Brother 5-axis fitted with an automatic Robot loading system. If the component has form machining or is extremely complex then ideally we would want you to issue a solid model to us. Our 5-axis machines can do high speed surfacing work or machine complex multi-axis operations that guarantee the relative geometry of all features.

We generally use Openmind Hypermill to program our 5-axis machines. We also use MasterCAM and Solidworks.

CNC Turning


We can offer a full range of CNC Turning capacity through our sister company  HPC Services Ltd. They have invested millions into the latest muti-axis CNC Lathes and slidinghead lathes. HPC operate a very similar quality system to Hemlock and are also ISO9002 approved.

HPC Operate 10 Citizen Slidinghead Lathes and 7 Nakamura fixed head lathes operating on a twin shift system.



We will generally offer stockholding as standard.
This is actually our preferred way to operate.
If we can make a larger batch then it usually means the unit price per part we charge is lowered.
Thus stockholding is a win win for us and our clients who may have an annual usage of components.
It means we can schedule our production so there are never any supply issues.