Hemlock offer a very wide range of machining services. We aim to provide a complete machining service for any type of component and specialise is project managing the entire component supply chain which might include machining, anodising or plating and stockholding for call off/kanban.

CNC Milling


Most of our 3 axis milling machines are geared up with 4th axis units and/or multi vice workholding systems which enable us to clamp up to 8 components in a single operation. This means that cycle time is extended. This gives time for the operator to do other work within cycle - such as inspection - and also reduces the number of overall operations.

5-axis Milling


We currently have three 5 -axis milling machines. If the component has form machining or is extremely complex then ideally we would want you to issue a solid model to us so. If required we can create this model ourselves from drawings or components. These machines can do high speed surfacing work or machine complex multi-axis operations that guarantee the relative geometry of all features.

CNC Turning


We can offer a full range of CNC Turning capacity through our sister company  HPC Services Ltd. They have invested millions into the latest muti-axis CNC Lathes and slidinghead lathes. HPC operate a very similar quality system to Hemlock and are also ISO9002 approved.

Order Processing and Production Control
  • From incoming enquiry to final despatch, all products are tracked, controlled and documented using our own in house "Route Manager" production control system.

  • Each operation is progressed as the previous one is completed, ensuring all operations are completed fully and in the correct order.

  • All levels of traceability and documentation (C of C's, Raw Material traceability/Mill Certs, Inspection records etc.) can be offered.

  • Original enquiry information can be accepted in totally "electronic" form, e-mailed drawings in many formats such as PDF(*.pdf), IGES(*.igs), DXF(*.dxf), Parasolid(*.x_t),  SolidEdge(*.par) and SOLIDWORKS(*.SLDPRT).

Quality Assurance
  • Our organization is fully accredited to ISO 9001 by a UKAS Acreddited body (NQA).

  • Many years of experience in the supply of components to safety critical industries has instilled a natural, company-wide "constant quality improvement" ethic

  • All orders are subjected to in-process and final inspection.
    This inspection is "tailored" to the complexity of the individual component, not a mere statistical approach, ie "percentage sampling".

  • Our inspection equipment is among the most up-to-date available today. For example, we utilise an OGP MVP 300 Video Inspection System, enabling us to perform fully automated and higher detailed inspection than possible using manual methods alone. This equipment is guaranteed to +/- 3micron accuracy.

  • Cleaning and packaging is of the highest standards and for many customers we supply components in "tailor made" packaging, to suit both the component and the customer's goods receiving / production systems.