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aluminium cnc milled plate

CNC Machining Thousands of Complex Components Every Year

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Hemlock Engineering offer a wide range of CNC milling capability using the latest 3, 4 and 5 axis milling machines and automated robotic loading technology.  Our experienced engineers and production team aim to outperform our competitors on quality, delivery and price by combining the most up to date CNC technology, efficient production processes and a passion for producing the perfect component. We are committed to providing a high quality, responsive and reliable service to our clients worldwide.


Interior Speedio 5-axis milling machine

3, 4 and 5 Axis CNC Milling

Hemlock offers a complete milling service for any type of component and can project manage the entire supply chain from CAD/CAM and machining to anodising or plating.  We supply components to a wide range of global industries including medical, rail, printing, packaging and motorsport.  

Brother Speedio machining cell
Haas machining cell

HAAS Machining Cell 

The majority of our 3-axis milling machines are equipped with 4th-axis units with some having multi-vice work-holding systems.  This means we can clamp up to 8 components in a single operation, reducing changeover requirements.  The resulting extended cycle time allows the operator to undertake quality checks of complete components throughout the production process.   

Brother Speedio Machining Cell

We have three Hermle 5-axis millings machines and two Brother Speedio 5-axis equipped with an automatic robot loading system.   Our 5-axis machines can undertake high-speed surfacing work and machine complex multi-axis operations with guaranteed relative geometry of all features.  With 28 machining centres, some with robotic loading, Hemlock combines high speed precision milling with engineering expertise to produce high quality components at the lowest possible price.  Fully accredited to ISO 9001:2015 (NQA).

Hermle 5-axis machining cell

Hermle 5-Axis Machining Cell

Services Multi Axis Milling
Services Volume Robotic
Robot loading 5-axis cnc milling machine
ABB robot loading arm

Brother Speedio M200X3 5-Axis Machine with Robotic Loading Facility

High Volume Robotic CNC Milling Production

Our automated CNC milling facility houses two Brother 5-axis M200X3 vertical-spindle machining centres, both equipped with robotic component loading and unloading capability.  This recent investment has increased Hemlock's production output on medium to high volume machining five-fold, as a result of reduced operator intervention in the production process.  Even relatively small batches of 1000 to 2000 components which have a short cycle time can be machined in a time efficient, cost effective way as the robot arm takes care of the time consuming loading and unloading aspect of the production process.  Each cell's enhanced efficiency and output has transformed our ability to deliver a rapid, cost effective CNC milling service to our clients.

CNC sliding head lathe work area

CNC Turning

Our sister company HPC Services Ltd offers a complete turning service for any type of component and can project manage the entire supply chain from CAD/CAM and machining to anodising or plating.  Hemlock and HPC offer stockholding for call off or Kanban to provide a cost-effective, efficient production solution for our clients who require instant stock replacement. HPC's Citizen sliding head lathe facility produces over 5000 different components up to 32mm diameter.  In addition, the fixed head CNC turning facility of Nakamura and Doosan CNC lathes, provides capability for the production of  components between 16mm and 250mm in diameter. HPC's experienced team of engineers deliver complex, high quality precision turned parts worldwide at the lowest possible price.

CNC Sliding head lathe facility
Sliding Head CNC Turning Facility at HPC Services
CNC Turning
Raw material stores area


Kardex vertical carousel stockholding system

Vertical Carousel Stockholding System 

As part of our commitment to providing a flexible, responsive service to our clients, we offer stockholding agreements as standard, for instant call-off or Kanban resulting in reduced component prices through larger production runs.  A stockholding agreement means we can plan for client's future component requirements and manage our production capacity efficiently.  We also manufacture, stock and supply kits of parts for a product if required.  Our extensive stores area provides ample space for both raw materials and finished parts to deliver a reliable supply chain solution for our customers. Our recent investment in a vertical carousel storage system has further streamlined our stockholding capabilities.

Services Stockholding

About Hemlock

Industries Served

Printing and Packaging Machinery

Hydraulic and Pneumatics


Medical Prosthetic Components

Transport and Rail Industry

Scientific Apparatus

High Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Fittings

Camera Equipment

Fire Protection Industry

Automotive and Aerospace

Materials Machined

Aluminium 6082/6011

Stainless Steel 303/304/316


Carbon Steel EN1A/EN3B

Brass CZ121

Many More

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25 CNC Milling Machines

Robotic Automation for High Volume

5 Axis Machining

ISO 9001:2015 Accredited

46 Staff

Stockholding as Standard

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